Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To My Wonderful Followers...

I'm here to apologize for being absent the last couple of days... Unfortunately after an interesting Dr's visit on Tuesday I was unable to get much done and Wednesday brought us some unexpected car issues that took all day to figure out...

I am only 18 days away from my bringing my second son into the world! I have been dealing with some bad back pain and contractions 10 minutes apart, which any moms out there know that if you go to the hospital and they're not a consistent 5 minutes apart they will send you back home... so basically my Dr told me on Tuesday that Im on bed rest and they're going to induce me on Oct. 10th if he isn't here yet! First off, this is NOT possible for me when I have a 15 month old son! LOL BUT, I did get quite a bit of rest on Tuesday as Caiden was being very well behaved and my contractions were driving me nuts SO it was a no stamp Tuesday...

Now today, we got ready to take my wonderful boyfriend to work (who was running about 20 minutes late) and the darn car was not wanting to start! It finally started after about 5 minutes but once it was turned off it wasn't starting again... SO I had to consult with my mechanic (AKA Dad) LOL to see what I needed to do. After driving 30 minutes in traffic to my parents house and spending an hour at Auto Zone we managed to make it back and replace the battery cables allowing my car to function properly again! YAY! By this time it was about 7:30pm and had to drive 30 minutes to pick up boyfriend at 9pm then finally made it home!

ANYWAYS... Just had to share my lovely midweek adventures with you all and let you know I will be posting the following between now and Sunday!!! YAY

  • Halloween Recipe Swap Cards (very little SU, but sooo fun!)
  • Revised Fang-Tastic Halloween Card
  • Birthday Cards (hopefully at least a few)
  • 3D project... (still a mystery at this point)

1 comment:

  1. I just discovered your wishes with your new addition. Take the rest. When you can I would like to understand how the swaps work.

    enjoy your day....Marie



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